Taking Life One Day at a Time

The Day After Christmas

on December 31, 2011

So how does it feel having had Christmas on a Sunday this year? Anyone think it felt weird or as if we were cheated a day? No just me then?…

Religiously speaking (in a comical way anyway) its everyone’s dream! To only have to go to mass once for the holiday and it also being Sunday! I know the presiding priest at the church near my house made a humorous comment about the Sunday celebration. It dealt with what I mentioned above-having only to celebrate one mass for the both Christmas and Sunday. Psht thats right! Who said that Catholics had to be dull.

So how was your Christmas? Kids wake up all surprised? Anyone wanna admit that they were on Santas naughty list :p come on let’s be honest! We all are or once were on his naughty list. Breakfast in bed for any of you? Late and early starters? And most importantly who had the Monday right after off? I’m not really sure how society was this year about the whole day after having off but I will say that “returning items” or stores in general were packed! I didn’t even want to be near the mall here in my area! Dreadful business that, finding a parking spot only to spend hours in line to either return or exchange an item, then to take more time in the adventure of exiting the mall and parking lot. Oh yea, I’d say online shopping would be ideally at that point and time. 🙂

Well I hope that you all had a good holiday. Guess we’ll see how things go with New Years coming up!

Yours truly,
A Young Adult


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