Taking Life One Day at a Time

Deleted Posts

on December 23, 2011

Hello everyone,

I thought to inform you, just in case you’re looking for a particular post from the past or don’t find some of my other posts anymore, that WordPress has notified me to delete/get rid of some of the information that I was sharing due to me not having “the right to distribute content/material.” Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m neither wanting to steal anyone else’s work or information that’s why I’ll say where I got it from and also make sure to share the link. How much more obvious can a person be on the internet to show that they aren’t always using their own words. Besides why is that we can post things on Facebook with no problem but distributing information found on the web (which is already made public) especially a blog, is apparently a problem.

I don’t maybe I’m just not getting the whole picture or the basis of why I was emailed. Fact of the matter it’s been taken care of and WordPress shouldn’t bother me anymore. Although I’m curious as for your opinion, what do you think of the entire situation?

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


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