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Thursday, October 27, 2011

on October 27, 2011

Hello everyone! 🙂

I know it’s been a while so apologies on my lack of posts. It’s been a pretty heck tick past three to four weeks for me. A lot of things have been going on. But before I get into that, how are you all doing? Hope you’ve had a good week if not then hope you’re at least relieved that tomorrow is already Friday! Yup that’s right, that means it’s time for the weekend baby! Any plans or special going on for you, aside from prepping for Halloween which is on Monday. Anyone dressing up as anything? Going to any Halloween parties or festivities? Well if you’re wondering what I’m doing, don’t ask because I have no clue right now. I have this volunteer thing on Saturday for sure though and also a teen volunteer event for my church on Sunday night. No they are not the same thing and yes I volunteered for both. Saturday’s volunteer work is through a non profit organization (Clothe A Child) and it’s their last day tomorrow. They’ve had two previous dates and I had signed up for all three dates. It’s really a great experience 🙂 I’d recommend for anyone who can or wants to, to participate. It starts at 5:30am and goes until cleaning and reorganizing of the department store is done, so could be anytime after twelve. Then Sunday evening is my usual volunteer work through the church’s youth ministry director. I don’t think I’ve actually in detail mentioned about what I do with the “Core Team” (the name of the adult volunteers who help with the teen program.) Well now that you know all about that! Time to move on to a few more topics…

Anyone in college or taking classes period? You have midterms or exams going on? I’m a little out of the loop since I’m taking this semester off. Feels kind of weird honestly having this break. I can understand why many don’t actually go back to school after they have a “taste” of freedom. Thankfully, that won’t and isn’t my problem; I think my problem will be actually getting back into the whole routine of things. Aside from that though I think I should fine, or I hope anyway…

I’ve heard a lot of high school reunions have been going on these past few weeks, anyone go to one or planning on going to one? Personally, I don’t think I’d go to one until maybe the 10th or 20th anniversary. But again that’s just me…Are any of you still in contact with all your friends from high school?

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


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