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Conclusion to this year’s birthday…

on October 15, 2011

It’s official, my birthday month has passed and another year of my life has gone by. I don’t really have much to write on this post aside from, I have to say that this year was one of my favorite birthday years. Definitely written down as one of my top favorites. Why you ask? Well it’s simple, because I got to do more along the lines of what I wanted and felt like doing. Not what was “acceptable,” or what someone else had planned for me, or persuasively suggesting what I should and should not do for my birthday celebration…no it was a simple what I wanted to do and actually doing it.

I know it’s odd or jars to understand so I’ll break it down even further. Even with my mom’s situation it was still a pretty nice birthday. 🙂 Even with work and personal things, it was still an eventful birthday.

I know some of what’s written above might sound selfish, but I’d you’ve read any of my previous birthday posts you’ll notice that I write about how the birthday person should have a “voice” on their birthday. That the celebration and planning of the event should be based and maybe even planned entirely by the birthday person. Granted you wouldn’t allow a five year old to completely plan a birthday party but anyone of the age of eighteen should have a pretty good say of what they will and don’t want to do for their birthday celebration. I mean I love my family a lot but I’ve always liked and appreciated more, the birthday celebrations that involve what I want to do whether it’s with family or not.

Now that I reread what I’ve written, I’m noticing that this post is sounding a lot like some immature, selfish individual who has yet to learn the whole concept of birthdays…well let me tell all of you something, I think that the birthday person should always have a say on whether or not they want a birthday celebration or not!…

Any thoughts or opinions? I mean come on, would you always want your parents/family/family member planning your birthday parties when you might on occasion want to just hang out with friends? Be honest!

Yours truly,
A Young Adult


2 responses to “Conclusion to this year’s birthday…

  1. Aido says:

    Hello. {Great|fantastic|splendid|impressive|magnificent|excellent|remarkable} job. I did not {expect|imagine|anticipate} this. This is a {great|fantastic|splendid|impressive|excellent|remarkable} story. Thanks!…

    You made several good points there. I did a search on the matter and found mainly folks will agree with your blog….

  2. Young Adult says:

    Well thanks and I’m glad. It’s sometimes reassuring to know that you aren’t the only one who thinks a certain way… 🙂

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