Taking Life One Day at a Time


on October 10, 2011

So I went to moderate this “youth event” at the church I attend and participated in one of their activities. Because of the approaching Halloween date the group was told to pick from an assortment of costumes that best suits them…ironically I picked a colorful and eccentric face mask. We were then to explain why the costumes we picked best suited us. Well needless to say I didn’t explain it to them exactly how I’m about to explain it to you, but perhaps I should have…

Before I thoroughly begin with today’s topic I must ask; What type of emotional person are you? Are you first off an emotional person to begin with? Does minor or major things in life effect you? If so what are they and how would you rate them on having a major effect on you? Or perhaps you’re not a very emotional person and the only thing that affects you is when something happens to your loved ones or significant other. It’s been said (for example) that orphans don’t have the sense of family unity all the time therefore their emotional scale isn’t as high as others, but when they are in a meaningful relationship, whatever happens to their loved one, seriously effects them. Of course it could also be the exact opposite on the whole “orphan case.” What I mean is that, since they don’t have the family unit feeling, they could develop a strong sense of emotions and live with many things having the ability to effect them emotionally. The next question I have for you is: are you the type of person who shows their emotions whether it be on your face or “on your sleeve?” Do you have facial gestures that give you away to anyone who makes the effort in looking and observing you? Or do you think that your eyes give your “true” answer away?

The point of the questions above are to give you a “feel” for today’s topic. The fact is, a simple and short exercise with teens was more enlightening for me, then any of the self-evaluation exercises done in my various psychology classes. I chose the mask because I’ve always managed to hide whatever I’m thinking and feeling to anyone. Until recently, my mother was literally the only person who truly ever knew what was going on in my head and was able to see all the clues and signals to what I was actually feeling. I mention “until recently” about my mom because I think I’ve managed to completely “put on my mask” when I want to that she can’t even see what I’m all about. Now is her “mom radar” still working-oh heck yea! Which is what I think what gives her and has always given her the edge to knowing what I’m feeling at particular moments. But my entire family (both from my mom’s and dad’s side) have never been able to know what’s going on with me emotionally and mentally; they only see what I allow them to see. I’m not saying I’m some sociopath who has no emotion or anything like that, I just mean that no one can ever depict what my emotions truly are. Excluding exhaustion or feeling sick of course, because come on, EVERYONE can notice that in any individual I don’t care what anyone says. No one knows when I’m truly happy, sad, or literally beat up on every level!

If you’re asking yourself why I chose this topic, it was first off because of the whole teen exercise but mainly because I noticed my “abilities” two weeks ago from tomorrow, the day before my birthday…not going to get into the details of that evening but let’s just say anyone would think I was a happy camper when I really wasn’t…thankfully though the evening was nice and I was glad it provided me with some insight to a vast amount of information…

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


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