Taking Life One Day at a Time

Hard work pays off…

on September 11, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Amazing how fast a week goes by when you’ve had the Monday of that week off…any big plans or event going on to enjoy the wonderful weather we’ve been having? I’d suggest everyone enjoy it now while it lasts because it’s been said that next week mother nature will remind us that we are still in the season of summer. Yup that’s right, more hot weather coming our way.

Speaking of hot, tomorrow will be my last day on the meds and hopefully getting back to “healthy as a horse.” Only thing worrying me about my current symptoms is the fact that my body temperatures are still abnormal and irregular. Something I’ve been noting and staying vigilant with. According to doctors if your not still 100% back to normal from a recent concussion hot body temperatures can complicate concussion symptoms and/or delay the healing process of the head/mind. OH speaking of concussion! If you recall from earlier this past week, on Tuesday to be exact, I went to the doctor and also to the opportunity to tell her about my restless nights. Since I’ve tried all “natural remedies” I’m to the point of needing the opinion and solution of a medical professional. Unfortunately I was given something I didn’t want…more “pills.” She prescribed me something to see if it would work in easing my nerves that apparently seem to still be active during my REM sleep, which is why I’m still restless even after a full days work, a thorough and long workout, and sleeping late to purposely tire myself out. Hopefully it works but guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to start on those meds later on next week. But now that we’re on the topic of sleep, how do you sleep? Are you a napper or nighter? Meaning can you take naps throughout the day or can you only sleep at night? Do you take anything to fall asleep or perhaps have a little routine in helping you sleep? I’d love to hear some ideas or methods that work for you.

I have to say though that my work has been great to me during this time. Thankfully I’ve been able to work efficiently and leave work earlier than my norm so that I could rest and get as much rest as possible. In the end it’s amazing how much hard work pays off, even if sick!

Yours truly,
A Young Adult


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