Taking Life One Day at a Time

People from your past…

on September 1, 2011

Last Tuesday was interesting. Heard from an individual from my recent past. I say “recent past” because it wasn’t as long ago as a few years but longer than a few months. I’ve put the whole situation behind me and therefore don’t understand why the individual is contacting me. Have you had that happen to you or have you been in the situation that individuals from your past/things that you’ve put behind you start to reappear or contact you and you neither know why nor do you really care about them. It might sound a little cold hearted on my behalf, but you all should know from any earlier post, that once you leave something in the past and you move forward it should always stay in the past. Same thing with ex’s remember? There’s a reason why an individual has become a part of your past and is not involved in the present.

Anyway, factor was the individual contacted me and it’s odd talking to someone that you’ve written off as “a lost cause” or has “trouble” written all over them. Needless to say that I tried to be civilized and made courteous responses to the individual, but that said individual wants to make it all seem like nothing happened in the past. It’s a little irritating and annoying actually. If you ask why, since I’m stating that you should “forgive and forget and move on” then I’ll answer with a question. How do you forgive, forget, and move on when the individual/s from the past your moving away from keep BRINGING up said past?! How would you handle it/deal with the situation. And if you mention “change your phone number” then think again because I’m not changing my phone number just because of ONE individual. Unless the individual is a major threat to my sanity/health/personally then I would do a phone number change in a heart beat. But in this circumstance, no…

Sorry I’m now reading this post and wondering if anyone will be able to understand it without me disclosing specific details about the situation and past incident.

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


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