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Attend or not to Attend this Fall Semester…that is the question!

on August 12, 2011

It’s already that time of the year…yup that’s right, the time of the school year beginning. Any of you taking classes this semester? (for those of you in college anyway) If so, which ones? And are they something you’re interested in or are they something that only allows you the means to receive your diploma?

Well as you might recall from a previous post, my concussion left me in somewhat of a dilemma with my classes in the summer. Thankfully, I had finished one course right after fourth of July, but I was still taking another course, in the Summer III semester. Make a long story short, I got behind in that other class, and thank God I was given the opportunity to “withdraw” from my course with no penalties. I take that back, if you consider not getting a refund a sort of penalty then, yup I got a penalty! A small price to pay I’d say, in exchange for receiving a big “F” for the class.

After withdrawing, I figured that I’d have ample time to give my mind rest from intense studies, till the Fall Semester started. Had some intelligent books lined up to read so as to continue exercising my mind’s muscles and activity. Still currently reading some of those texts and it’s been nice-as in I can literally feel my head working/humming/hurting as it’s trying to absorb and retain the information I’ve been reading. With that said, I’ve already registered for classes and am excited for the semester! Yes I know weird, but I am especially since after my hit on the head, I’m still not 100% myself…

Unfortunately, the “sun doesn’t shine everyday” and now I have “some rainy clouds.” From mid-July to now I’ve had a few odd episodes and restless nights. The only reason why these things are important to mention is because I’m a HEAVY deep sleeper. As soon as I close my eyes, I’m out like a light! I go to sleep in one position and I find myself in that same position in the morning along with my bed still nicely “tucked down” as I had done so before entering the bed. Now it’s just plain strange for me to wake up all in a disarray and my bed a total mess as if a hurricane had gone through! Definitely not the norm for me and it’s also somewhat worrying me because I’ve woken up with bruises and I have no recollection of getting them or better yet, what I hit if I hit anything. And no, I don’t sleep walk, in case you were wondering. Then those type of nights make it harder on me to focus, which as is I’ve only recently stopped asking people to continually repeat what their saying to me. Like I said, still not 100% myself…exhaustion is starting to take a toll on me and my body is literally reminding me of it. On top of that, the “episodes” I speak of are of intense headaches, no concentration what so ever and if I do concentrate I literally provoke a headache, abrupt mood change, tiredness, and then scary moments of forgetting things and disoriented. So I’ve literally been monitoring myself and taking all this into consideration before the school year officially starts for me. Classes start not next week, but the next, and the question is am I ready or can I handle it now?

My family has literally told me “take the semester off and rest” then “you don’t mess with the brain” and the “your smart enough that you can get back on track later.” I hear what they say and I know what I want to do, or more like I know what I’m going to do-because I already took care of it today during my lunch hour at work…So here’s my question to all of you reading, what would you do in this situation or how would you handle it?

What really has me conflicted, even though I’ve made a decision, is that in taking this semester easy I’d be delaying the time in receiving my diploma; since I’ve seen (based on my credit hours) I’m about to finish and would probably receive my diploma by the end of next Spring I don’t want to take it easy! But I really don’t like not being myself especially academically! 😦

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


2 responses to “Attend or not to Attend this Fall Semester…that is the question!

  1. Come on, inform me how you really feel.

  2. This made me giggle for a protracted time.

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