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All the so-called “secrets of success” will not work unless you do.

on June 28, 2011

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Tuesday!

In all honesty I’m not really as chipper today as my “good morning” sounds but that’s besides the point! How is everyone doing today? 🙂 It’s amazing how fast time is going by…literally by the end of this week we’ll already be in July. Anyone have any big fourth of July plans? (Sorry I don’t remember if I already asked that question.) Or if you have any good ideas as to what to do, by all means share.

So I know I’ve gone off before on how the newer generations seem to be getting lazier, then of course there was that other post about superficial knowledge due to dependence on technology, and now the topic is lazy people, or people who don’t carry their own weight in the workplace. I can’t seem to understand how a person can expect things to be given to them, especially in the workplace. How can someone fathom that they deserve “vacation time” or a “raise” when they have neither earned it nor surpassed the quota in order for them to be rewarded for their success. If you’re wondering what this topic is relevant to, then allow me to answer!

First off, even if I’m young (but mentally older/mature) that doesn’t mean I’m stupid and it also doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m naive. Now if I act stupid or naive, that’s another story, because let’s be honest, we’ve all done it before! I have always been and continue to be a hard worker for everything I want in life. So my hackles go up when someone views me otherwise or when individuals I associate with feel that life should always pat them on the back and give them “treats” from time to time. If that’s how the world worked then I’m sure everyone would be a lot happier!

Yes I’m family oriented and for my age, still living at home, but I should not be stereotyped as an individual who’s a “spoiled daddy’s girl who doesn’t know what hard work is.” I can honestly say, that if anyone had the guts to say that to my face, their asking to be punched! Maybe I should add in there “she said sweetly;” I don’t think it would help much though 😀 Just because I live at home doesn’t mean I don’t value my own independence or am not working hard to achieve that as well as accomplish all my ambitions in life. Do I have my moments where I can be “daddy’s little girl?” Of course! And that’s my privilege as a younger daughter who has a close relationship with her father. But the key word for those moments would be “at times!” To not go overboard or overuse that privilege.

So I’m going to interject here with defining “independence” because I think everyone has a misconception on this, then again this is just my blunt opinion on the matter… According to Webster’s Dictionary independence is defined as “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like of others. Now please bear that in mind as we define individuality; “the particular character, or aggregate of qualities, that distinguishes one person or thing from others; sole and personal nature.” Do you see where I’m getting at or can you distinguish the difference here? Well allow me to enlighten you if you don’t because it flabbergasts me when people in society use these terms. When a person says their independent they better be living on their own, with their own bills, with their own car (or paying for their own car), without the help or assistance from mommy and daddy. Unless their living with their family and still contributing a good sum to their “independence” (another wards, bills towards their living in the household) then that’s another story in general and that individual IS gaining their independence. Personally, if your living at home with your folks and their paying for a good bulk of your luxuries while you still pocket/use/save your own income then I’m sorry to say, you’re not independent. The only thing you have at that point would be individuality, NOT independence.

So where do you put yourself? I know I used to confuse the two but as the years go by, it’s becoming more and more clear to me the difference between actually being independent and gaining independence.   So Independent or not? I found some interestingly true facts about “keeping you job and excelling in the workplace” so check it out below.

Yours truly,

A Young Adult

Here are 57 ways to make yourself indispensable work:

  1. Get involved with training and development
  2. Find inefficiencies and redundant tasks and eliminate them
  3. Offer to help with the recruiting process
  4. Help other employees to be productive
  5. Uncover ways to increase revenue with existing clients
  6. Acquire new customers
  7. Discover new markets and channels for your company’s product/service
  8. Present ideas on how to decrease costs
  9. Improve workplace communication and workflow by introducing new technologies
  10. Always take the opportunity to impress your boss
  11. Volunteer when tasks need to be completed
  12. Automate your mundane tasks
  13. Learn to delegate and outsource jobs
  14. Focus primarily on your strengths
  15. Ask about professional development opportunities to work on your weaknesses
  16. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone
  17. Do more than is expected of you
  18. Invite constructive criticism
  19. Challenge yourself to learn more about the business and how you would run it as the owner
  20. Review your company’s goals and your job description, and analyze if your work is achieving those goals
  21. Create a list of no more than 3 things that must be accomplished every day, and primarily focus on those ultimate goals
  22. Broaden your internal contacts and relationships by participating in committees and important decision making discussions
  23. Support your boss
  24. Have honest discussions with your boss about your goals and ask for their support
  25. Set the bar high enough that it keeps you challenged and motivated, but realistic
  26. At all times, carefully select the words you use and write clear, concise emails
  27. Don’t worry about pointing fingers. Be a problem solver
  28. Be prepared to drop everything to help put out fires
  29. Work for the benefit of the team
  30. Be aware of how your actions reflect on your boss
  31. Realize you set the standard expectations for your subordinates
  32. Invest in yourself and always be “presentable”
  33. Try to work things out with your boss before going over their head
  34. Don’t take business personally – it’s just a job
  35. Realize that other people do take business personally and sometimes you have to treat it like high school
  36. Think of yourself as representing the company
  37. Have respect for employees, regardless of what you think of them personally
  38. Reward your colleagues for good behavior, even with just a “thank you”
  39. Think about how to work smart not working hard
  40. Use the tools you have to leverage your work. How can you get more done with less effort and less time?
  41. Turn bad situations into positive experiences. Every challenge is an opportunity
  42. Make yourself indispensable. Become so vital to the company’s success that they cannot afford to lose you
  43. Don’t complain, but stand up for what is fair. Pick your battles carefully
  44. Stay busy and ask where you can help during slow periods
  45. Be visible by becoming the person that accomplished X
  46. Keep your attitude in check. Your high moral can positively effect the team
  47. Remain optimistic for the future and the opportunity that it presents
  48. Earn job security by having options. Companies hate losing good employees to competitors
  49. Work on personally branding and what you represent as an employee
  50. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and take calculated risk
  51. Be a good “corporate citizen”
  52. Instill a competitive environment
  53. Position yourself as the “go-to” guy
  54. Make things happen
  55. Maintain a positive attitude
  56. Have fun

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