Taking Life One Day at a Time

A Lady and Tom-boy

on June 24, 2011

So here’s a topic that has always piqued my curiosity; a female having an equal balance of a lady and a tom-boy. I do mean literally an equal balance of both in the sense that, the female can dress to impress with the stylist dress/outfit, shoes, and accessories then dress down for a day in the park playing sports. What is so wrong with that? Guys what’s your take on this and come on ladies, don’t be quiet on this topic! Why this topic is even coming up you ask? (Even if you didn’t ask I’m still going to answer anyway :p) Well that’s all thanks to my dear older sister!

She claims I’m too aggressive, try to be to “one of the guys,” and a few other comments…I can’t help it if I know what I want when I go shopping and don’t want to dally around for another two to three hours at the mall just looking at clothes and shoes! Yes, I like to shop but I have my limits and am not like other women my age! Do I like accessories, hell yea if it looks good! Do I like to dress down? Yes and I don’t mind a good sweat working on the yard, cleaning, working out, or doing something physically exerting-and no it wasn’t meant as an innuendo so behave you “dirty minded” individuals :p Am I the type of gal who will choose tennis shoes before heels, yes but ask me if I like to primp up for the occasion, even if minor, and I’ll say hell yes! So ladies, where do you fall? Are you more tom-boy, lady, or in between?

It’s not my fault I’d rather be gardening/working out before even getting a mani! Believe me I love me my mani’s and pedi’s!

Yours truly,

A Young Adult


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