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Thursday, June 9, 2011

on June 10, 2011

And that’s way the cookie crumbles! Who saw the Mavericks game?!? For those of you who didn’t see it, there’s nothing wrong with still “tuning in.” It’s called, being a well-rounded person! Just saying…the real question now is, WILL THE MAVS get that championship this year?

Well I’m writing late for a change and if you ask why its pretty simple. ONLINE CLASSES! That and a movie 🙂 Yes that’s right I’m doing my class while a movie is in the background-just don’t ask me what’s actually going on with my class because I’m listening to The Dark Knight. So here’s my question for the night: Is there a specific place or something specific that you need in order to fully concentrate on a task? Examples being ambiance, people, noise, etc.

OH, that reminds me actually. I’ve been wanting to clarify something to my audience (and I honestly don’t remember if I’ve explained this). In case you wonder why I post anything on relationships or “reading people” type topics it’s because of my fascination with the human psyche/mindsets. And if you’re already asking yourself, “why is she even talking about this when no one cares?” Well someone asked me a question Tuesday night and it led me to wanting to clarify on here.

See, I believe that stereotypes don’t or at least shouldn’t exist because individuality provides the means of all things being circumstantial. Another wards, you can’t believe that EVERYONE will cheat on you just because one person did or that a certain ethnic group are known to be drunks when there are many in that same ethnicity who enjoy drinking but don’t get drunk. So since I’m in an academic and “writing mode” (also trying to work on my novel in the process) I’m going to leave you with this…below are four different statements that are controversial and intriguing statements, also known to not have an exact answer. I want you to tell me which you think rings true or that you believe/accept and why?

  • Humans are by nature selfish and self centered
  • Once the personality is developed (into adulthood), it cannot be changed. The adult personality is set and unchanging
  • People are responsible for their emotions, and therefore can control their emotional reactions to life events.
  • All human behaviors are learned. In humans, there are no innate, inborn behaviors.

I know I’m sorry I’m wanting you to think tonight, but oh well! 🙂

Well you all have a good night (day for others) and I’ll talk to you soon, especially considering I’m behind on topics and writing…

Yours truly,

Young Adult


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