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Saturday, May 21, 2011

on May 27, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope all is well and that you’re weekend has started off well. For those of you in the Big-D area, are you aware of the Jimmy Buffit concert today at the Pizza Hut Park? My family and I passed through that area and noticed all the traffic and caravans of people attending the concert. Tent’s were up, smokers and bar-b-q grills were up and running, and crowds of people were walking; literally looked at aunts walking through the land towards the aunt hills (big tents where food was). Pretty interesting to see.

Well if you’re wondering why my family and I passed through, it’s because we were meeting up with my uncles dad (my mom’s sisters husband’s father). Yea, we’re a pretty warm family, if any of you can understand…ANYWAY! So we were going to have breakfast with him. He’s an adorable old man and we’ve taken to him as if he wasn’t an “add on” per say. The food was delish and of course I had my eggs, even though it was already lunch time. Allow me to deter for a minute here; I’m a huge breakfast person and by that I mean that I can have breakfast food at any time of the day especially eggs. SO, I had me some eggs, carna asada, beans, chips, salsa, and corn tortillas! 🙂 If you’re mouth isn’t watering then there’s something wrong with you, unless of course you don’t like Mexican food, then I guess it’s ok. It was an enjoyable time eating and making conversation but the really interesting part was when my uncles dad started telling us about some of his younger year stories. It still amazes me how much time has passed from when him and both sets of grandparents relay their stories to me and my fam…

The only reason I even brought this up was because I started to realize that the time frame in which this man lived was during the nation’s most fragile time or more like how it grew to have Texas. His stories coincided with the states succeeding from the union and how U.S. took Texas from Mexico and so forth. Can you imagine living in that time? If I made a novel from their stories I think it would sell because it comes from a different perspective than most stories and it wouldn’t be completely on the nation but on how a person wanted to make something of himself, and that’s why he moved to the United States…actually according to his story it all started because of a woman!

Let’s see if any of you know: When did the United States gain their independence and become a nation?

Before I leave you, because I have to go and get ready for a Quincenera that’s tonight, if you have grandparents that are alive and well, don’t ignore them and cherish your time with them. You’d be amazed how much even just five minutes goes for them…and ask them about when they were younger, dating, school, etc you’d also be amazed how they relate to you during the time periods/age similar to yours. I know it might seem like they’re annoying or that they’d “slow you down” but frankly, ask yourself how would YOU liked to be treated when you’re that age? Would you want to be ignored, casted aside, or perhaps belittled because your stories are boring and have no correlation to what you want to talk about?…Or please someone tell me if they have a different view/opinion on what I’ve mentioned…

Yours truly,

Young Adult


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