Taking Life One Day at a Time

Friday, May 20, 2011

on May 20, 2011

Afternoon everyone! How’s life where ever you’re at? It’s gloomy here in Texas but today has been a pretty great day all around…Hope you had a pleasant week and are happy that today is FRIDAY! πŸ™‚ Anyone have any big plans this weekend? Perhaps a wedding, birthday party, or perhaps a date? If you’ve had a bad week or day, remember that don’t let something bring you down, but plan something enjoyable that will take your mind off the bad day/week. Well I have a quince to go to tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday; there’s more in between but I’ll just have to elaborate on that later, but needless to say that it’s going to be a full weekend for me this weekend πŸ™‚ I’m glad!

So I’m here at work hearing the storm roaring outside the office building…hearing the different variations of sounds as the rain hits something different. Rooftops, vehicles, the ground, windows, and trees…I love storms. There’s something about them that just takes my breath away, almost like a high or an adrenaline rush of a different kind. It’s a beautiful yet fearful natural phenomena that occurs. I couldn’t even really begin to describe what it does to me. But as the rain continues to beat down I think of this personal favorite melody of mine…of course I youtube so that the melody can coincide with the rainfall outside. Let me know what you think or if you like it. Personally, I think it’s a very expressive melody leaving a person with so many emotions that they can’t control.Β 

Are there any “shoppers” out there? Or anyone that likes to shop for occasions of necessities? Or are their any shopaholics that are reading this? Before I continue with my topic I have to ask: 1)What are some of your favorite stores? 2)Do you have any specific times that you like to shop? 3)Do you have any shopping routines you’d like to share? 3) What’s a shopaholic? Would you consider yourself a shopaholic? And 4)Do you like to window shop? Some of my fav’s are Marshal’s, Soma Intimates (and no they aren’t just a PJ store, VS , Macy’s, Forever 21, Sam Moon, and I have to admit that sometimes Wal-Mart has some pretty great stuff.

I like to think I have a balanced dosage of “prissy/class/high maintenance” and a tomboy side (for specific reasons). I was never one to openly say “let’s go shopping” and still currently not on the top of my to do list. However, as of late it seems I’ve gone over to the “dark side” (as my family likes to say.) You see I used to say that I wouldn’t dress to impress, or waste my time on fashion-meaning make an occasion to go to the mall for a new top because I needed one to go with a pair of jeans and so forth, go shoe crazy as most women do, or invest on makeup or purses. Well times have changed and it seems I opened my big mouth too soon when I was still in high school. Words of wisdom to anyone-take care to what you say because it can always come back and bite you in the ass-et!

Well I’m starting to care what I look like when I go out and I blame that on being more self aware of my body-if you ask why am I more aware of my body, it’s because I’ve changed up and created a new summer workout and this one seems more effective than many others I’ve done-hence the being more aware of my body due to some soreness in certain areas. But regardless that’s neither here nor there. The fact is I’ve gone over to the dark side because I’ve actually been shopping on my lunch hours-BUT in my defense I have managed to squeeze in my walking time during these shopping sprees! Sorry, ok I’m focused…on top of that, I bought these really great looking white platforms shoes that were on SALE! Second bad sign, let me tell ya, because I was looking for a good sale and apparently I got one! Then of course there was today’s little episode of “the dark side” by wanting a summer dress that matched/went well with the platforms and any other shoes I have already at home…so as my immediate family has told me, “you’ve gone over to the dark side.” I’m debating on telling them that I’m starting to feel certain amounts of joy as well with my shopping…maybe not because then I’d probably make them really worry about my health! πŸ™‚ Ladies (AND gentlemen), there’s nothing wrong with a little shopping insanity, as long as you don’t let it control YOU! πŸ˜‰

Yours truly,

Young Adult


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