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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on May 5, 2011

So I had lunch yesterday with my sister and it was stimulating conversation. It seems like she had come to certain realizations and needed to voice her opinion…It’s funny how God/fate works or the way that events occur. See she was talking about our family members, the situation with my grandfather, and everything else going on; how it all intertwines with our own personal lives. Her and I are both single/unattached with no families of our own or even the thought of a significant other, and it’s ironic that it’s during the climactic time of events. We’re both unique and strong individuals so taking charge of certain issues/situations is what’s needed, in order to allow the carefree feeling for other family members. Another wards, as the saying goes, “everything happens for a reason.”

My question to you readers is: Do you ever look at your life and think, that if something or someone else was involved you wouldn’t manage to accomplish half or any of the things you’ve managed to do and manage at that point and time?

I don’t know why, but yesterday felt like one LONG Tuesday! Got home from work yesterday to see that people were working on the roof tiles and vehicles were parked in our co-sack.  Yup that’s right, after all this time, and all the thunderstorms that have since passed through northern Texas, after that one bad hail storm-the house is starting to get it’s repairs! Granted not all of them but the most important of them all-the roof-is. The company doing it are definitely recommendable. Their meticulous, efficient, organized, considerate, prompt, and the whole group in general are pretty great.

Well moving on! I ended up parking on our neighbor’s front curb since we had to wait until they were done, to put in the trucks. My dad was already outside so chilled outside with him while he explained to me what was going on with the roof. I do have to interject here and say that the weather was so beautiful, that you just didn’t want to stay inside the house! A little later, of course after already satisfying my tummy :), two gentlemen from the roofing company arrived to do moisture readings at various locations of the house. We had them also check the attic outside the home, but above the garage, as well; but because of all the Christmas decorations in the way of the attic ladder entrance, a little labor work had to be done. We (well more like I because my sister took her sweet time getting changed out into “working clothes”) moved aside all the boxes and gave them room to maneuver and work . Once they were finished, we put everything back as is, without already putting up the Christmas decorations…well we were sadly mistaken if we thought we’d get away without doing it. About the same time that we were already walking back into the house, my mother takes the initiative in telling us to make sure that we cleared up all the boxes from the garage. So just take a wild case what we ended up doing the rest of the evening?…Oh yeah, clearing up the Christmas boxes by placing them in the attic and sweeping. My sister was at the top, in the attic, waiting to pull up the boxes I would carry and bring up. Now here is where my focus will be…

We had left the heavy boxes last so to get all the light weight boxes out of the way, but on top of that my dad had told us to leave the heavy boxes last so that way he could help me with the heavy ones. Low and behold when the time came for heavy boxes to be carried up, he was no where near us and actually I had no clue where he was. One of the employees from the roofing company (and no I don’t mean the actual roofers who were installing the roof) noticed what we were doing and my hesitation with one of the heavy boxes. He said, “do you need help with that?” The “I can do anything and not depend on anyone” part of me was screaming NO, that we’d manage just fine on our own; the logical, realistic, and girlish part of me won over, and answered “yes please, if you don’t mind.” Seriously guys word of advice-never wait for a gal to ask you for help or stand around until help is needed. It’s amazing what being attentive of your surroundings and another person, does for a guys persona. Or am I the only one who thinks this? Come on ladies help me out here!

For example: Let’s say that I’m at Lowe’s or Home Depot (and yes I DO go to those stores!) or better yet let’s just say Wal-Mart. I’m buying a two or three whole cases of water bottles, a few boxes of soda, and dog food. I’m in the check out line and I notice three different type of single/unattached males (making an assumption/presumption here); one behind me in the same check out line who’s tall and athletic looking, strongly built, attractive, ruggedly yet comfortable complimenting his image, and has numerous tattoos on his arms and even his hands. Then there’s the tall attractive preppy/polo dressed male, also well built, with a aura of “I’m well educated,” and in the check out line right next to me. Finally the last male to notice is a scrappy dressed male who’s too good looking for his own good, a large university gradation ring on his finger, also well built and maybe even better than the other two. You’ve made eye contact with all three men at different times and they’ve all smiled at you warmly. They also notice the heavy groceries you’re about to purchase, especially in comparison to their purchases…It’s now time to load up your cart and as you’re about to lift the large bag of dog food from the floor unto you’re cart, the tattooed man that was behind you walks up to grab the bag saying “let me help you with that.” It’s possible that he might just offer to load the items into your vehicle as well. The other two gentleman have already made their purchases and walk right around your last case of water bottles-not even bothering to help you since you obviously needed the help. Personally, the other two more attractive males, have just looked like giant a****. Eye flirting can be intense but caring/nurturing flirting has more of an effect, because a person can pick up on an individuals personality in 10 minutes or less (at least the ones who pay attention to their intuition and gut feelings.) Yes I know it’s a little sketchy especially for skeptics because many of you could say any of the the following:

  • “I don’t need a man to help me”-for you independent individuals
  • “What you think I can’t do it or manage on my own…what’s in it for you?”- for you skeptics
  • “He could be one of those schmoozing rapists/killers who helps you to get close enough to commit the crime” – for you crazy analytical people who look for the worst in every person and situation
  • “Men with tattoos scare me and no offense to them but they make me nervous or on edge” – for you tattoo phobic people who think everyone with tattoos are up to no good and therefore can’t be educated, civil, or courteous to people
  • etc…

I’m sure we can all think of a few more. So here’s my question to you guys: Are you oblivious to when a gal needs your help or hesitant to help because of women station/independence in society now? Or what is it about the circumstances/person that gives you a “green light to go” to offer help?

Now here’s one for you women: What type of woman are you? Anything of what’s mentioned above or perhaps an explanation of your own?

Yours truly,

Young Adult


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