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The First day of Class…

on May 2, 2011

Fact or Fiction: Is the first day of classes meaningless? Is it just a day of reviewing the syllabus and getting out of class early?

The answer is…Fact! The best way to make the most of your college experience is to make the most of it from the very beginning!

“When students attend the first day of class, it sets a ‘proactive’ tone for student preparation by taking an active, responsible approach to learning for the rest of the semester,” Dr. Cynthia Shields, Collin College professor of College Success, said. “The student is also able to understand what is important to the professor and what is expected of the student in class behavior and what type of coursework, test and quizzes, and projects they will do throughout the semester.”


2 responses to “The First day of Class…

  1. TonyTruax says:

    First days are really a waste of time. Just wait at home for the prof to post the syllabus online for you. Then the skipping begins hehe.

    • Young Adult says:

      Haha I can actually relate to originally thinking like that, but not so much anymore. The harder the classes and that “theory” changes. I gotta say though, that I wish all professors would post their syllabus online!

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