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Monday, May 2, 2011

on May 2, 2011

Afternoon everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend, even if the weather here in Texas was a little off kilter! šŸ™‚ But hey what else is new-that’s Texas weather for you. Anyone do anything exciting or worth while? If you’re still in college/university you have finals coming up soon or you already studying for them? Come on guys! (and girls) I’m not one for complete silence…which is odd considering that I like my “solo time” and meditation with quiet. Hmm, guess I’m going to have to look into that later…

Before I forget; the answer to the Fact or Fiction question from my previous posting is…FICTION! Lightning struck victims carry no electrical charge and should therefore be attended to immediately!

Did anyone go see “Fast Five”?! It premiered this past Friday. If you have seen just tell me if it was good or not and don’t spoil it for me! I haven’t seen it (but am planning to this week baby!) but would greatly appreciate any reviews on the film. I have to stay I’m pretty excited to watch it, granted that some movies have “hollywood fairy dust” to them, but these vehicle intense films tend to make a person miss all that “fairy dust.” Okay, fine I’m lying…it’s not JUST the cars/vehicles in the film but the characters as well šŸ˜‰ Come on ladies, admit it (I know I will) who doesn’t like the characters portrayed by Vin, Paul, and Dwayne? The “Fast” films don’t just have the action scenes and cars giving adrenaline rushes. Although, I’m curious if anyone has notice how much BIGGER “The Rock” has gotten…does anyone know any particular reason why he’s literally bulging more than usual or at least compared to the last action film he was in? Or maybe it’s just me.

My Saturday had an early start. Earlier in the week I remember thinking that I’d have a more “chill” weekend this past weekend. That idea was obliterated by my iPhone’s reminder of “Love Where You Live” for April 30th. I’ll admit I grumbled for a little bit but was excited for the event. See the college (and certain organizations) got together with Habitat for Humanities and were designated a specific home in Plano, TX. I wasn’t sure how the agenda throughout the day was going to be like so I made sure to get up in the morning Saturday, with enough time to have a decent breakfast. I’m sorry but I can’t function on an empty stomach! No way and no how. We were given volunteer t-shirts and so the renovation project began. We were told that we would finish by 2pm…it was really altogether a fun and great experience. Made new acquaintances and had a fun time with a few people from the group. I had to apologize a few times though to people because I was being a little bit “mandona” (Spanish word for bossy/demanding/commanding). In my defense though, there was no order or at least at certain times there was no order, and some of the group just weren’t taking the initiative. But anyway!…I did notice, that out of the entire volunteer group there was only four guys and the rest were all female. It was truly entertaining and the owner of the designated property we worked, was a sweet Hispanic man who seemed more inclined to want to help then to allow us to do the work for him.Ā  Of course that was only Part I of the project, since it doesn’t necessarily end, until I believe, the end of June or mid-July. For now, based on what was done Saturday, his house is at least presentable for the community (so hopefully the City of Plano won’t bother him too much now) and certain aesthetic work was completed on his house.

Which leads me to my question for you. Have you ever volunteered for Habitat or perhaps another non-profit? Do you see volunteer work as a chore or something fulfilling as well as endearing to those you help? And (I wish I could insert a drum roll here…) our Fact or Fiction question of the day!

Fact or Fiction: Is Habitat for Humanities a worldwide Christian housing ministry?

Stay tuned for the answer! šŸ™‚

Yours truly,

Young Adult

P.S. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a love-hate week…I am looking forward to it though, as well as the weekend! šŸ™‚


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