Taking Life One Day at a Time

Sunday, April 24, 2011

on April 28, 2011

Afternoon everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Did you have any special plans or perhaps any Easter traditions that took place? I would love to hear how you’re day went?…

Speaking of family and traditions 🙂 It was nice to have my whole family come together this past Sunday-actually more like the weekend! My family traditions start on Holy Thursday-with the mass and the “washing of the feet” and end until Easter Sunday. Even with a little scare Friday night that had us venturing into the ER, I’d say it was a pleasant Easter weekend.

Yup that’s right! Most of Friday night and into Saturday morning was spent at the ER. Amazingly enough it didn’t feel like we were long at the ER but after looking at the clock when we left and at the time I went to bed…oh yea it was a lot. It started with my family about to have dinner when my grandfather began to feel sick. Keeping a close eye on him, it was realized that he was not well and the “hospital” was on everyone’s mind. The manager of the restaurant called the ambulance for us and medical assistance was close at hand. The ambulance and firefighter truck parked and “delish” men began to help my grandfather. That’s right I said it! There was delish men from the firefighter truck and ambulance. Now don’t be hating because come on ladies (and gentlemen) when hasn’t an individual appreciated the opposite sex no matter what the circumstances were! I’ve heard stories that a person could be literally in the hospital bed about to have surgery and yet if some one attractive caught their eye, their response to that person is immediate! Come on admit it, you’ve done it before at some point and time! And if not now then you will! :p But back to my story; so he was admitted into the hospital and we didn’t leave till about a little after 3am. By the time we got home and I settled into bed it was already a little past 4am. Not to worry though because I was able to still eat something even though we had missed dinner 😉

I have to say though, the weird part is, when we all got out of the hospital and headed to our house…it was an odd moment of reminiscing joy-feeling when everyone was gathered in the kitchen trying to make themselves something to eat and chatting away; since my grandfather was already settled in at the house. I don’t know, it’s just hard to explain I suppose…but I think I’ll have to write to you later because some very dark clouds are rolling in…

But before leaving here are some questions for you: what Easter traditions do you have, if any? Have you ever noticed how attractive someone was even though the circumstances aren’t the best? Are you one of those people who can function with little sleep or hardly any?

Yours truly,

Young Adult


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