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Monday, April 25, 2011

on April 28, 2011

It’s only Monday and it seems like it’s going to be one of those weeks…I’m starting to wonder why people don’t get the Monday after Easter off? Granted, I know I shouldn’t be complaining especially since I had Good Friday off and other might not have, but it’s not rocket science! Mostly everyone in the nation does something on Easter and by the end of the day, Easter Sunday, everyone is pooped/tired and somewhat dreading going early to work the following day. Now, no offense to other religions (especially to the one I’m about to mention; its not meant as an insult), but why is it that all the Jewish holidays are recognized and no one can say anything about a Jewish individual “time off?” Hmm, never mind-maybe it’s just me and I’m depicting it based on the vast amount of time I spent in New York…

Well yesterday was a wonderful day until the clouds became darker and the wind became stronger and colder. Nice size storms entered into the area and of course added on to our already damaged property. Here are some pictures I was able to take from our terrace, before I was yelled back into the house 🙂 

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We had all been outside for most of the day, then about 6pm the sky began to shift and clouds came rumbling in. There was hail in the storm (again) but thankfully not as big and it stopped about as quickly as it began. Of course these past few storms we’ve been having haven’t been anything like the one northern Texas received three weeks ago…

The storm three weeks ago was definitely something to remember. Although I have to admit that if it wasn’t for my sister who had screamed my name out above the noise, I probably would have never known it was storming outside; and yes to answer your question that’s how deep of a sleep I am :p It was already after midnight that day and as soon as I heard my name called out I woke up to the sound of heavy rain, high winds, wall shaking thunder, and lightening. Let me tell you though it wasn’t your normal sound of heavy rain and it’s so hard to describe in words what it actually sounded like. As I was making my way down the stairs loud gunshot noises erupted around the house, only it was baseball size hail. It was loud and was able to do a lot of damage…Have you ever thrown a baseball into a glass window? Or perhaps you’ve heard a glass window break? Well that sound times fifty was how it sounded all around the house; but added with the actually sounds of the hail falling (that gunshot sound)…it did get the blood pumping and rushing…

So my question to you is: Do you like storms? Have you ever been caught in a scary/bad storm or wanted to go in one (driving wise I mean)? Do you ever stop and admire a storm as it’s approaching? It’s amazing to behold the way nature works…Ever taken pictures of a storm?

Which brings us to our first “Fact or Fiction”! Does lightening strike the same place twice?

Yours Truly,

Young Adult


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